Friday, March 16, 2007


"The dessert crowns the dinner. To create a fine dessert, one has to combine the skills of a confectioner, a decorator, a painter, an architect, an ice-cream manufacturer, a sculptor, and a florist. The splendour of such creations appeals above all to the eye - the real gourmand admires them without touching them!."
 Eugene Briffault

I’ve posted some more photos from my cooking class. This time we were doing dessert. =)

Will be posting a recipe very soon ..



Salmitta said...

The Mini Eclairs LooK so0o0o Tempting *yummzz*

Chef Mustafa said...

Great blog and wonderful pictures. Keep up the adventures in your culinary journey.
Thank you for the links.

Sal said...

Hey Congrats! Lovely blog..and yummy!
dessert class was my fav! oh posted my ├ęclairs :)

Looking forward to see more of your creations in the kitchen..